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April 27th Changelog

The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim .5 Edition

Holy shit, where the fuck is Maze and his awesome sexy body.. I mean his changelogs?

Well, sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing really has happened here in the modding scene since we're at such a dead period. Yeah, there are still mods coming out but at such a low rate and by god the amount of waifus in the Hot Files. Shit, Brodual isn't even making videos that much anymore and the usual modder drama keeps some people going. Hey Arthmoor, stop being a fucking spaz.

Also, to address the question in the room. Yes, I am making the new site soon. The new site overhaul will be up this year, I am terribly sorry that I am a lazy piece of shit. I've lost my grandfather this year and been sick several times and I know that's not an excuse but I just have been out of it as of late and I'm just tired of Skyrim like many of you have been. (Please Bethesda give us Elder Scrolls 6 already.)

Followers updated

- Nita (Young) New

- Aylen (Again) Updated

- Woe Astriaal New

- Camilla Mojensdottir VIII New

- Plue New

- Narita New

- Gunder Snow-Heart Updated


Abodes Updated

- Telvanni Reborn

- Staff of Shalidor

- White River House

NPCs Updated

- Snippy - Droid Follower

- Flesh Atronachs- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons - oblivion - shivering isles)

Quests Updated

- Project AHO

Armor Updated

- Snow White Armor

- MacGrioghair's Great Kilt

- Red Dragon Crown

Weapons Updated

- New Armoury - Rapiers with third person animations

- Royal Greatsword


- Lush Vanilla Trees

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