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October 29th Changelog

Happy Halloween! Buy Skyrim for that special someone and yourself. You deserve it.

Site Updated

-Search Bar added at the top

-Readded Previous and Next buttons at bottom of pages (don't know where they went previously)

Waifu/Husbando Guide updated -Beast Race Bodypaints -Khajiit and Argonian Themed Body and Face Paints Followers updated -Faust updated -Pama added -Oxdeer added -Ward Snow-Piercer added -Gunder Snow-Heart updated -Blushes-In-Shadows updated -Haar updated -Kaarina updated Immersion updated -Cursed Alfonso plushie -Yggdrasil Music and SoundFX Overhaul Poser-fu updated -ILVPoser Graphics updated -Frankly HD Shrouded Armor -Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor -Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors

-Frankly HD Imperial Armors -Bonemold Expanded Retexture -HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Fix -Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons Weapons updated - Dovah Nord Weapons

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