Happy New Year! Changelog

It's 2019 now boys. You know what that means? Absolutely nothing. The site will remain shit. The thread will still have its shitposters. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Bethesda is a terrible company. Here's to the New Year!

Wai-fu guide updated

-YevMods - Makeup Pack


-Elanor follower updated

-Rielus - The Falmer Slayer added

-Nita follower updated

Gameplay updated

-3PCO - 3rd Person Camera Overhaul - Smooth Camera Follow

-Lock-On -Experience Immersion updated

-Hircine Restoration Project

Armor updated

-Dark Souls Armor by Team TAL

-Kozakowy's 1600 Isabella De Bourbon Court Gown UNP

-Furb's Male Replacers - Thieves Guild and Nightingale Armors

Graphics updated

-Unbelievable Grass 2 Redux

-Shibui Skyrim

-Fluffy Snow Here's a pastebin of my stuff I've done, ported etc. https://pastebin.com/L7cBYDrM