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Current State

Hello everyone, I'm here to deliver some news. I, Mazetism, decided to go back to school to receive a state certificate and this will put a financial strain on myself and on the website. As you may know, I have been paying to keep this site up out of my own pocket for the past three years after being handed it over by Guardly. However, this is the time that I regretfully have to start asking for donations to help keep the website up and running. I wish I didn't have to ask people for money as that is not in my character to especially ebeg from strangers but I don't want to lose the site due to empty pockets. If some of you who enjoy this site and wish to help me, please send in a donation. I will have a donate button at the top linked to a paypal account that only goes straight to paying for this site. Thank you for your time and any charity you may give.

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