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SSE Followers

This is a collection of /tesg/ characters that were made into followers. These followers were based off their respective /tesg/ character and now can be used as an in-game follower that can fight, adventure, and do lewd things along side you. 
Click on a portrait to find out more about the follower and download them!
*Warning* Some followers require additional mods to work properly, remember to read each of their readmes and descriptions for more details.
*Note* This page will be filled as time goes by, mostly by requests I see on /tesg/, some of these I'll be porting myself, just make a request for a Follower, and I'll try to get permission to port and post here.

Want to submit your own follower? Want to request a conversion?

Just scroll down and press that contact button at the bottom footer. Send a message to me, Rav.
1. Add all the information about your follower like the ones on this page.
A small description would be appreciated.
2. Link us your packed follower.
3. Send us a picture of your follower in the character box with your followers name on it.
You can use the image in the "Community" tab or this one to the right.


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