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Trainwiz's Morrowind Guide

updated August 31st 2015

Knots' guide covers graphics mostly, and that's not always what people want. So I decided to put together a little guide of stuff you can (not neccesarily should) add into your Morrowind to make it bigger and better. Note that some of these will be in Knots' guide already, and that this doesn't cover the thousands of mods out there to choose from. -Trainwiz
In this section, we will discuss:
-Creatures and NPCs
-Quests, Landmasses, Content

Before We Begin

Morrowind Code Patch

Morrowind is a game of great depth, a huge world, incredibly extensible and with a thriving community. Unfortunately it's also full of bugs. This is our attempt at defeating the worst bugs in the game, including save corruption; and also adding a few more features people have dreamt of.

All fixes and gameplay changes included are optional, you can independently select which ones you want to use in the installer. Gameplay changes are turned off by default.

Patch for Purists

Patch for Purists is an unofficial patch for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition that takes a more conservative approach about what it considers a "bug".


Guideanon's Guide

Here's a rather large and in depth guide on graphics mods made by an anonymous person. It's still a work in progress so far but it's shaping up well. And yes it is kind of a pain to work with someone I can't contact back, but it is what it is. 
QUICKFIX: If you're seeing weird Ascadian Isles Plants mod, you have to manually make a copy of "" texture and rename the copy as ""

Here's a little guide to link about how to use the map in Morrowind, since the game never really goes over it.

Map Notes Guide


These mods add more to the world, and can range from little tweaks, to big content packs, but all work towards making the game feel more lively.



Silt Striders

These three mods add in rideable versions of all of Morrowind's standard transport things. In addition, it will also have these things travelling around the world, whether you chose to ride in one or not. You'll often see Silt striders running along in the ashlands or boats sailing along the coast.

Animated Morrowind 1, 2, and Expanded

You know how in Skyrim NPCs had animations and would actually walk around doing their jobs? Animated Morrowind does this as well, and NPCs now fish, sweep, write, eat, and do a variety of other things. Definitely a must.

Morrowind Strut

The greatest mod ever conceived by a living person, ever.

Hold It!

This adds in objects that NPCs will now hold, such as brooms, baskets, babies, and a variety of other things. They usually do this based on their jobs (Muck farmers carry muckshovels for example) you are also able to carry these objects yourself.


Healers allows temple NPCs to heal you, for a price.



Glow in the Dahrk

This is a modern, pluginless replacement of the old Windows Glow mods with many more features besides! Windows Glow suffered from every mod needing a patch to work with it. Glow in the Dahrk handles this automatically through the meshes themselves with a powerful code by NullCascade which can switch the visible portion of meshes on the fly.


Antares Little Mod and Big Mod

Antares Big Mod allows players who are members of factions to access special services from other members. Morag Tong members can hire others to assassinate people, Mage's Guild Members can send lower members out to find ingredients or suck their dick, etc.The Little Mod is actually a collection of multiple mods that enhance gameplay in tiny ways. Pick and choose from those what you want, it's just like shopping! Note: No dick sucking actually in the mod.

BTB's Unique Finery Replacer

All unique clothing in the game now has its own unique mesh, quite nice. REQUIRES THE ORIGINAL UFR. GET THIS FIRST.

Vivec Expansion

I'm usually pretty apprehensive about city expansion mods, but this one is always a must-have for me. It adds a sort of 'capital city' style grit to Vivec, and combined with the gondoliers, makes Vivec just feel incredible. There can be some slowdown, because it's just SO dense, but it's worth it.

Old Dwemer Books

You ever open those Tribunal books in Bamz-Aschend and have it go "Dis said sum stuff" but you didn't see the sum stuff it said? This fixes that. It's like that other mod but not made by a FUCKING LUNATIC.



Unique Jewelry Redone

Gives all magic rings and amulets in the game a unique model.

Voiced Vivec and Yakety Yagrum 

Adds in the missing voice files for Vivec and Yagrum.


Creatures and NPCs

Adds in a large variety of creatures and NPCs, so when you're dungeon diving the world seems less repetitive.

Where are all birds going?

Adds in birds to the skies, which will spawn around the player.

Water Life

Does the same thing the bird one does, only with fish. The player can also find sunken ships and treasure out in the wilderness.

Atronach Expansion

Adds in missing atronachs from past and future games, such as air atronachs and bone atronachs. May conflict with Creatures X.

Piratelord's Creatures  XI

Adds in a host of new creatures. Exploding centurions, Vermai from Battlespire, etc. May be seen as lorebreaking to some due to the presence of things such as imps and higher level clanfears called "Clanterrors", but eh.

Abot's Guars

Adds in rideable guars. Sort of like horses, but cooler and you can actually fight on them.

Starfire's NPCs Additions

Everyone always recommends Morrowind Comes Alive when they want NPCs to populate towns. They are utterly wrong and should be ashamed. Starfire's NPCs does what MCA set out to do, but is much more lore-friendly and less you-just-got-killed-by-a-level-20-bandit-in-town-while-the-guards-did-jack-shit-y.

Versus Vivec

GDR does up Dagoth Ur, SSE does up Almalexia, but if you plan to kill Vivec, and want a fight worthy of the CHIMSter himself, you might want to look into this. It overhauls Vivec into a several stage boss fight, with tons of scripted and exciting behaviors. Includes Muatra!


Gameplay is that thing that does stuff. Here are some mods to make it better.

Gratiutous Violence

A modified version of a combat mod, made to be more stable, though you may encounter some bugs. GV will make it easier to hit, as you will only start missing when your fatigue is below a certain %. To compensate, you do and recieve a lot more damage. Blocking is now controlled by the player, though may be levelled up still to have reflexive blocking like normal. The player also backpedals slower, and can sprint. Fair Magicka Regen is also included, as is Run Like the Wind. If you don't want to use GV, instead I recommend the next two mods.

95% Marksman Recovery

You now have a much higher chance of retrieving your arrows, and makes marksman that much more viable

Bycote's Better Attacks

Makes all Slash, Chop, and Thrust damage values the same. For those who like that. Goes well with a certain MWE mod.

Fair Magicka Regen

Your magicka will now regenerate, fairly (that is, based on your willpower and a variety of other factors)

Cast Reduce

For mage characters, having a higher magic level in a certain school will reduce the cost of any spell by a certain percent, up to 50. Makes mages more viable.

Scripted Spells

Midas Magic, before Midas Magic existed. Scripted spells adds a variety of nice, but hella overpowered spells. Skeletal armies, walls of FIRE, even turning into a cliffracer. I consider it game-breaking more than lore-breaking, but I don't have a tag for that. It's unstable because certain spells can crash you (mostly the mind reading spells).

Run Like the Wind

Increases the default running speed to about Skyrim or Oblivion's level. Makes the world seem smaller to some.

Melian's Teleport Mod

Allows you to place multiple marks and recalls, name them, and even romance them (no not really). A must for lazy people.

BTB's Game Improvements

You know how you can abuse the game and make it your bitch and end up having 1,000,000 in all stats? This changes that. It's a good rebalance of the game, though comes at the cost of losing your hilarious game-breaking elements. However it is modular, so you can pick and choose what changes you want. Be SURE to review the changes.

Quests and Content

Anything that didn't fall under the previous categories. This will provide you with more things to do, should you want to do them. Which you should.

Less Generic NPCs

Adds in tons of new unique dialogue for many NPCs, as well as new quests. Also makes Redoran pretty cool. A must-have. The pictures lead to LGNPC mods for the main quest and the two Morrowind expansions. The button is a link to the latest fixed ESP. AND THIS OTHER BUTTON LINKS YOU TO THE MAIN SITE WHERE THERE'S A  MOD THAT EFFECTS ALL OF MORROWIND NOT INCLUDED WITH THE MAIN QUEST. HOW MANY DIFFERENT LINKS DOES THIS DAMN THING NEED??!?!? A lot apparently.

Master Propylon Index

A quest to retrieve the master propylon. A little treasure hunt mod made by Bethesda.

Area Effect Arrows

A short thing that leads you to a shop where they sell area effect arrows, good for archers.

Darknut's GDR

Turns the last three dungeons in the mainquest into an epic, crazy dungeon crawl, full of traps and explosions.

NeverHalls and ForgottenHalls

Adds in lost Falmer dungeons to Bloodmoon.

Sotha Sil Expanded

This turns the final dungeon in Tribunal's mainquest into a massive dungeon and city, nearly tripling the size of Tribunal in the process

Rise of House Telvanni

For Telvanni characters only. Allows you to lead your house to political dominance over everything. Lore-breaking because of a lot of annoying mary-sue characters. Get the 1.52 ED.

Uvirith's Grave and Legacy

Allows you to expand your tower into a full city, and then expand your tower into an awesome wizard's tower with secret quests and hidden treasures. For Telvanni characters only. Building Up Uvirith's Legacy is, well... it's a compatibility version of BuUG, for use with UL. You don't need BuUG to use BuUL.


A large, surreal, elaborate dungeon/quest mod for those who like humor and also dying. You will die a lot in this mod. Made for higher level characters seeking a challenge. Lore Breaking because it adds in screaming pillows and old testament angels. Also you will die.


A landmass mod with some nicely made dungeons and well crafted quests. Breaks lore because it's smack-dab where Mournhold should normally be. So keep that in mind, it'll conflict with TR.

Deus Ex Machina

A steampunk themed quest/landmass mod, with around 70 new quests. Like Arcanum really. Lore breaking because it has guns and also Russians. Known to cause crashes due to very large and very intensive scenes.

Balmora Underworld

A piece of Morrowind Rebirth, ripped from it and brought straight to you. A heavily detailed slice of fun.

Province Cyrodill

Okay. What if we took Oblivion, and remade it in an actually GOOD game?

Welcome to the Arena

Adds in an Oblivion-styled arena faction. Very nicely done, at least in my opinion. I've tagged it 'unstable' because I've seen and heard it causes crashes sometimes for people.

Turenyulal and Endusal Redone

Overhauls the last two citadels that Darknut missed.


The glorious prequel to Nehrim, which is the prequel to Enderal. Just as high quality, but a total conversion, and won't work with all this other stuff, so KEEP THAT IN MIND.

Tamriel Rebuilt

Restores mainland Morrowind. If I have to tell you about this shit then fuck you you've been living under a rock.
WARNING!!: Older mods might not work 100% properly on the newest version.

White Wolf of Lokken Mountain

A nordic themed quest/landmass mod, around 20 hours or so, nicely made. Lore breaking because it wouldn't and shouldn't be in lore.

LeFemm Armor

I know, I know. You're probably thinking "Trainwiz dood wtf r u doin recommendin me a GIRL mod? ? ?". But in truth, LeFemm does more than add an awkwardly named set of armor. It includes meshes for female versions of most armors in the game, and since, get this, there are a few female NPCs wearing armor, it makes it look a bit better.

Skyrim: Home of the Nords

Why play Skyrim when you can play Skyrim in Morrowind?
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