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Unrecommended Mods

A list of mods that you should NOT use with a list of reasons and alternative mods to go with it.
Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Skyrim Immersive Creatures Do you like monsters? Good! Do you also love CTDs? Alternative: See NPC section.

Dont listen to this idiot

Anything by Apollodown Apollodown has a lot of good ideas, sadly he doesn't have the talent to pull off these ideas. We HIGHLY suggest avoiding anything done by Apollodown cause they will destroy your save.

Unique Region Names

Unique Region Names The mod isn't bad in design just very outdated. It's incompatible with most lighting overhauls and USLEEP, plus the new records it adds into the worldspace data can really mess up your game.

Open Cities Skyrim

Open Cities Skyrim Buggy and broken mess that will tank your FPS and is incompatible with almost everything that edits a city. Also you can't uninstall it mid-save so you're pretty much stuck with it until a new game. Alternative: See Quest and Lands section.

Holds The City Overhaul

Holds The City Overhaul A broken mess of a mod. The models and textures are bad, the cities look out of place and ugly. The mod is also very unstable and causes CTDs often. Alternative: See Quest and Lands section.


FCO A really buggy mess that can cause a lot of CTDs. Followers also repeat lines a little but too much. Alternative: RDO

Better Females by Bellas

Better Females by Bellas Really ugly. Someone actually wrote a whole guide on how it's bad. Click on the Bellas face to get a link! Alternative: See Wai-Fu section.

Monster Mod

Monster Mod Unbalanced, poor quality, and uses many stolen game assets. Alternative: See NPC section.

Tamriel Reloaded

Tamriel Reloaded Poor quality textures that were stretched out to look good...which they don't. Alternative: See Graphics section.

Gary_s Real Mare Horse Mod

Gary_s Real Mare Horse Mod I'm going to vomit... Alternative: See nearest mental health facility.

Epic Elves race

Epic Elves race Crosseyed Sarah Jessica Parker. Alternative: See Wai-fu Section.

Fabulous Followers

Fabulous Followers Just fucking looks at them, they're aliens! Alternative: Bijin followers.

Elwin's Erotic Voice

Elwin's Erotic Voice Oh god this voice is terrible why would someone make this. Alternative: Vanilla

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