updated April 12th, 2018

Well my friends, we're at the final step of this guide. Here we have a full out list weapon mods. We'll only give real descriptions to overhauls from now on. The rest of the standalone weapons are for you to decide now. See what interests you and click on it to learn more. Most of the trinket mods are under Immersion so if you didn't check that guide out, do it now! Also, please don't use Immersive Weapons. Some of the weapons in it are really good. but the rest are really awful and the leveled lists are really random and unbalanced.
In this section, we will discuss:
-Weapon Overhauls
-Armory Packs
-Standalone Weapons
-Ranged Weapons
-Ports from other games


Overhaul mods that are essential to anyone who wants better looking models, more variety, and stuff that fits the vanilla game. We recommend you get all of these mods.

Lore Weapon Expansion

Adds new remodeled weapons from Morrowind and Oblivion. They're added to shops, NPCs, and leveled lists so now you can see a variety of new weapons since it's kind of boring that every bandit has an "iron" something.

Real Bows

This mod replaces all the silly fantasy bow shapes from the base game and adds the most functional and realistic bows to Skyrim. A lot of the metal bows have also been replaced with wooden alternatives.

Unique Uniques

Some unique items in Skyrim look like every other item, which can be sad. This replaces the models of those weapons with unique models, making them feel there own one of a kind weapon.
Believable weapons.jpeg

Believable Weapons

It's basically the spiritual successor to Weapon De-LARP-ification Project and Better Shaped Weapons. Mesh replacer for 85 of Skyrim's original axes, maces, swords and warhammers. Opts for a slimmer and cleaner design, while keeping the original style with new models that look less like paddles and more like realistic weaponry. They're thinner, sleaker, and look more realistic. 

SkyRealism - Shiny Expansion

The texture pack component is designed to take maximum advantage of environment mapping to produce realistic looking metal weapons and armor.
This is an expansion for Unique Uniques and Lore Weapon Expansion.

Armory Packs

Standalone Weapons


Ranged Weapons